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50 years old non diabetic female presented with erythematous lesions on standing and walking after 30 minutes or so, and partially relieved with squatting legs on chair/ bed, accompanied with itching.Pt has BP of 160/ 80 mm of Hg ( not consuming any medication for Hypertension)and has pedal and ankle edema.She also has Osteoarthritis .She is on Homeopathic treatment presently. Your valuable diagnosis and management please

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I dont know, since none of them have answered my querries

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Sir, for skin lesions stop Homeo drugs----- because some time it happens. For oestoarthritis, try Cap. Flaxnee, or Rosiflex trio, 1odx30, as you know oestoarthritis is Age related, so supplimentation medicine is only way. For ankle &pedal oedema investigate 2D echo, Serum cretanine, protin deficiency etc.also Serum Calcium,D,B12. for pain Dolonex sos.

I wa a wanting to know of the dermatological lesions, and the diagnosis and management of them Dir

Kingen water regularly use for Arthritis will help more.

Please give me YOUR DRMAOLOHICAL OPINION ONLY. Thanks , Regards

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Skin lesions may be due to Homeo drug reaction,can be stopped,can try pigmento ointm.

D Kute to Kindly comment on dermatological lesions

I dont know, since none of them have answered my querries

Dr Kute to please answer

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