50 yr M.Buccal mucosa biopsyH/O pain .white patch.no bleeding

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Hyperplastic squamous epithelium with chronic inflammation and mucous cyst

Squamous hyperplasia with chr inflammation, keratin cyst

Fordyce’s disease

Squamous cell hyperplasia with chronic inflammation

Leukokeratosis .squamous hyperplasia Chronic inflammation Proliferation of mucin secreting glands Occ dilated glands with mucinous material No atypia LEUKOKERATOSIS MUCUS CYSTS

There are chronic inflammatory cells and hyperplasia of squamous epithelium

Hyperplatic mucosal epithelium,along with benign sebaceous nodule.

Hperplastic epithelium c dence mononuclear cell infiltration

Hyperplastic squamous epithelium with mononuclear cell infiltrate


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