50 yr male came with injury with stick wound is infested with maggots. not a diabetic. After debridement status.



Try VAC therapy. Comercially available kits Costly but You can make it cheap with raw materials and suction available in the hospital In two weeks wound will be ready for skin grafting. Detailed info on technique available in the internet.

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Start ASD with septiloc with elastocrepe bandage Institute antibiotics ac to c/s Majority of work is done by maggots,just let area granulaye then it ll require resurfacing by SSG

Bad wound Require debridement Wound swab culture Daily dressing Broad spectrum antibiotics with cover of gram positive Surgery opinion Limb elevation

After debridement wound looks good. Continue dressing and than plan for SSG later.

Needs. Regular Dressing and skin cover

Tab Geminor M 2 Tab Lincef Tab Predmet 16 Tab Vitamin B12

nice strategy of management Dr prasad

Regular dressing till granulation tissue formation followed by split thickness skin grafting or platelet rich plasma infiltration at edges of wound from start for tissue regeneration.

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