50 yr male patient having lmn facial nerve palsy. unable to perform any facial expression on right side. having pain behind the ear area. medicine and physiotherapy going on.. in physio electrical stimulation and facial massage from chin to forhead . please suggest advanced treatment and life style modification as for facial palsy patient.



plz add on fascial muscle exercise at individual level.like mouth water hold whistling pouting forcefull water peak like pan masala mandible deviation both side smelling movement centre fresh chewing sound of initial alphabate-aa-ee-oo-ok like this with in 10 session you will get result.this is experiment.thing we taking 3 week to recover it fully.without any deficits.

Already on tapering dose steroid. Needs facial physio including electric stimulation

#Galvanic stimulation for individual muscles with pen electrode. Frequency 60-80 contracts each muscle. #kinesio taping c pattern to support the weak muscle # fascia massage antigravity direction #AEIOU Vowel exercise #fascial expression exercises in front of the mirror #use goggles for eye protection or watery eyes #pulsed ultrasound can be used around TM joint in case of facial irritation or too much pain.

generally it will cure in 21 days, if d treatment start from 1st day of attack... for pain behind the ear u can use pulsed mode UST on mastoid process... as we know galvanic stimulation z for face so u can use it... give PNF (it works like no others) i always use it... say to do all facial exercise..

use pnf exercises

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Continue medicine and physical therapy.it will take 1 to 3 months to recover . Sometimes it may take 6 months also..it depends on how much damage to facial nerve.do the 4-5 times exercise daily(all facial expressions)avoid cold water,Icecream and sleeping in air conditioner room

ig to individual muscle,60 contraction each muscle.u may divide in 2 half of muscle stimulation to allow relaxation & avoid fatigue. when patient able to do actively progress to SF current with exercise. Give IR over ear so inflammation get subside & pain will decrease. continue medicine. use eye drops every 3 hourly to protect eye as sometime it becomes to watery or dry.use cotton in ear to protect against wind & loud noise. use goggles. do facial expressions exercise in front of mirror for better performance. may do light stroking in anti gravity direction for better facilitation of facial muscles.

bells palsy treatment...before starting steroid rule out dm and hypaertension. if evrything is normal then start steroid short course of antibiotics and antiviral notear eye drop and protect eye by sunglasses and notear eye drop phsiotherapy and chew chewinggum

Dude its bells.. Give antiviral with corticosteroids. Or give 1ml adh injection every other day for 5 days, he will get better

Dear sir, As per this case is facial palsy Pts wants higher steroid dose give INJ solumedrol 1gm for 5days OD INJ trental 400mg BD TAB palsineurone Eye drop continue Gives ferredic stimulation with proper physiotherapy BD All for 5days Then shifted to tablet

dear sir as ew started d treatment wid corticosteroids such az prednisone can make it more likely dat will regain oll facial movements. 2ndly antiviral medicine such as Acyclovir wid corticosteroid bt it may help in some cases but in general dey donot affect recovery..some r not b able to ake corticosteroids b'cause of other health problems... most ppl. recovery widout ny trtmnt.. 3rd facial ex. like doin simpl ex as tightening nd relaxing ur facial muscle may make dose muscle stronger n recover more quickly. massaging ur 4head, cheeks nd lips wid oil r cream.. give artificial tear.. thankew

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