50 yr old female coming with severe Pain in pedunculated mass attached with right nipple - 4 days , having history of pedunculated mass 10-12 years. on examination swelling & tenderness present in mass along with areola , no mass or lump palpable in rt breast , few small lymph nodes present in rt axilla , Conistency of the mass is soft . what is diagnosis & treatment .



From The Photos it looks like Papilloma as for lymph nodes Exicising the mass and Biopsy would make it clear whether benign or malignant.But mostly benign as it is present for 10 to 12 yrs with no Progression. Dx:Breast Papilloma Rx:Surgical excision of the mass and Biopsy. Recommended followup of the patient to watch for recurrence. Recommended Mammogram.

In continuation of my earlier reply axillary lymphadenopathy can be inflammatory, for which fnac is required. If per chance it turns out to be malignant then treatment will be as per protocol.

Fibrosed papilloma of nipple, advised excision & histopathology.

papiloma with superadded infection due to which there is swelling and lymhadenopathy. treatment excision and biopsy to rule out malignancy possibility. antibiotics and pain killer for infection

From the long history of10-12 years it appears to be a benign lesion-pedunclated papilloma.

likely to be papilloma of nipple and needs excision . The axillary node also needs to be biopsied well before exision of papilloma and an orderly approach is called for in this case inviw of age of the patient.

It is a benign tumor due long standing lymph node is enlarged most probably due to infection tt is excision biopsy & antibiotics. Further tt according to hpe report

papilloma of nipple, mammogram to rule out malignancy due to age factor, non tender palpable lymphnodes.If ruled out, can go for excision and HPE, and FNAC of lymphnodes

Nothing new, just papilloma can be excised under local anaesthesia & send for histopathology

Most probably pedunculated papilloma with sec infection which is involving axillary node. Excision biopsy to be done with antibiotic coverage. further management to be according to biopsy report.

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