50 yr old male with back pain since 4 months. x ray findings ? how to treat this case ?



This X Ray is typical Bamboo spine. This is a case of Ankylosing Spondylosis. This is also called Bechterew's disease. Treatment NSAID's like Naproxen or Indomethacin. In case they don't work go for TNF Blockers Tumour Necrosis Factor. Adalimumab Eternacept Golimumab Infliximab Next is physical therapy. Last and worst option is surgery.

agre with u sir.

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Ankylosing spondylitis,xray seen of typical bamboo spine,fibrous ring of intervetebral disc ossification,calcified ligament seen through out spine. Its an Auto immune Rheumatic condition where hip/sacroiliac joint also gets involved, morning stiffness, genetic predisposition,Mostly HLA B27 found to positive,Raised Crp,high esr,low hb could be found . age of onset is between 20 to 40 yrs,starts as dull backache,upper back/gluteal region gradually entire back involves,(systemic features like fever,weight loss) treatment:NSAID, Indometacin is commonly used drug, DMARDS like sulfasalazine can be used to prevent furthur damage to the joints,and relive symptoms,methotrexate also been used. TNF alpha blockers like adalimumab etanercept,(intradermal),golimumabinfliximab (i.v.). physiotherapy,daily exercises it ll have strengthening exersices,including swimming.

Look like ankylosing spondylitis Check spine flexion Chest expansion Xray thoracic spine Xray pelvis for corroborative evidence CBC esr RA factor Uric acid Crp HLA B27 typing Medical treatment in consultation with a rheumatologist Physiotherapy

Bamboo spine ( Ankylosis spondylitis) 21days rest on Hard Bed LS Belt Tab Methylcobalamine 1500 OD. Sachets Cholecalciferol weekly with water

Ankyloising spondylitis. Do HLAB27. Spine exercises. Tab Salozopyrin 500mg bd for few months. Check wbc count during treatment.

Ankolysing spondiolytis ( Bambu Spine ).

Ankylosing Spondylitis

DISH - diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis. it is less likely to be AS for following reasons - duration only for 4 months, SI joint is spared, no squaring of vertebra, AP view shows lateral growth of ossification, hip joint also shows osteophyte from acetabulum.

I agree with you sir ankylosis spondylosis treatment option includes nsaids physiotherapy

bamboo spine.. Ankylosing spondylitis. . nsaids DMARDS Biologics

which DMARD is better ? dosage ?
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