50 yrs female is having a firm swelling in left Parotid region since 1 year with no h/o pain, fever, loss of appetite or weight. Possible diagnosis & tmt ?


Pleomorphic adenomas of parotid gland. Treatment- superficial parotidectomy

FNAC CT scan ? Pleomorphic adenoma Lymph node swelling Excision HPE

Pt has been advised FNAC.

Needs local part USG/CT scan, FNAC I if benign Pleomorphic adenoma, just Enucleation of the lump to avoid facial nerve injury.

Enucleation is the one thing that MUST never be done. The minimum recommended surgery for parotid neoplasm is superficial parotidectomy. Will need total parotidectomy, if deep lobe is also involved. Neck dissection, if fnac is positive for malignancy.

Looks like benign parotid swelling. USG, FNAC. Proceed accordingly.

Pleomorphic adenoma

Pleomoprhic salivary adenoma,.fnac and usg followed by superficial parotidectomy

Pleomorphic adenoma provisionally. Deep lobe involvement should be sought for , before surgery.

Parotid gland tumor May be pleomorphic adenoma Usg MRI Biopsy

Agree with Dr Bindia Ghera. If no complaints than watch for month or two Note size increases and consistency before going For tests.

Pleomorphic adenoms. Fnac. treatment follows acc. To the fnac report.

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