50 yrs male presented with these erythematous itchy papules and plaques presented on both axillary region since 4 month .....Dx??

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Frictional or contact dermatitis/ Granular parakeratosis Levocet 5 mg BD. Tapering dose of steroid. Multi vitamin and antioxidants orally. Clean area with diluted betadin lotion and apply calamine lotion and apply lobate S oint locally. Sulphur 2% oint + salicylic acid oint locally. Improve general health and personal hygiene. Maintain nutrition hydration and hygiene. Remove irritants or contact causes allergy or protect area. Rehydrate skin by applying moisturizer or emollient Cream locally. Green leafy vegetables and fresh fruit and plenty of liquid.

Thanks Dr Brijesh Kumar.

Frictional or Contact dermatitis /Dermatophyte /Granular parakeratosis /Inverse psoriasis /Hailey Hailey (??)

?Contact dermatitis.. ?Frictional dermatitis.. ?Hailey Hailey disease..

Tnx a lot Dr Ashok Leel sir

Contact dermatitis

Frictional contact dermatitis

Allergic dermatitis

Frictional or contact dermatitis?

Intertrigo Friction dermatitis

Dr. Mahesh Kumar -contact dermatitis dd -psoriasis

T. Axillae antifungal oral topical antihistomonics antoxidants

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