50yrs/F, c/o, loosing her eyebrows, along with itching on upper eyelid & eyelashes for last 2mnt, She has no other complain. DX



Seborheic Dermatitis

Madarosis due to Seborrheic dermatitis / Atopic dermatitis (??)

Rule out leprosy senility endocrine disorders

Madarosis due to seborrheic dermatitis

?heliotrope rash.. Dermatomyositis..

Seborrheic dermatitis

Seborroic dermatitis

Might be seborrheic dermatitis.. Use topical antifungal with steroid to reduce flaring up.. Also examine behind ears and scalp.. If she had similar types of lesions on other parts of body, it might also be psoriasis

It might not be dermatomyositis as flakes are visible.. Itching is also present

Madriosis, could be due to dermatomyositis

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