50yrs male c/o swelling left hand since 3days no fever. No trauma. H/o Dm on rx ... parkinsonism on rx... Please give ur openion



it may b cellulitis or gouty arthritis nsaids serratiopeptidase combination ice pack combinations of trypsin bromhelin rutoside may b given routine blood test (tc dc esr crp uric acid)

Unilateral swelling of lower part of limb! Check for any pathological obstruction of venous return from axilla! Raised the hand so the skin of carpel space of ring and middle fingers donot become bulbous containing watery collection Looks to b infected as the said fingers r red Start antibiotic and chymoral forye

Some unnoticed trauma like scratching has taken place. I can see scratch marks on his hand. Evaluate the diabetic state. Control. At the same time start AB'S as there is evidence of infection.

gout/ cellulitis. incision and drainage and culture. start antibiotics empirically. kindly get investigations. xray, sr. uric acid, cbp, esr.

I dont think i and d as of now.... If it iz cellulitis 1 may procede v empirical antibiotic therapy.. Plus repeating blood sugar tests fasting n postprandial..... If raised then needs to b controlled vigorously.... If at all a frank abscess has already set in then oboviously incision n drainage.

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Pus anywhere in the body must be drained It is cellulitis.. Incision & drainage Culture Till that antiinflamatory Hit & trial antibiotics

Cellulitis. Control blood sugar. Hand elevation Antibiotics, pain killers,

Only 3 day history indicates acute onset which is not a requisite for invasive investigations..ask for.previous such episodes,any application of irritants, any pain or insect bite..treat symptomatically for a few days..dds erysipelas/insect bite reactn/icd/raynauds due to underlying disorder/drug reaction.

It is cellulitis....apply sumac dressing...trypsin and chymotrypsin....broad spectrum antibiotic and mobilisation of the fingers....if the swelling doesn't subside or a pus becomes localised then Incision and drainage

It's a case of cellulitis

There seems to be lnflmmation of interphalangeal jt. It must be septic arthritis.

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