Right Frontal Mass Lesion

51 yr,M , presented with acute onset of rt sided weakness with difficulty to communicate on 28 th august at 16:30 hrs ,while walking up from afternoon nap.Denied having any headache / vomiting / vertigo. Immediately taken to local hospital admitted and MRI brain was done and thrombolized with tenectaplase, then developed worsoning of symptoms in the form of deterioration in the level of concious and hence intubated and mechanically ventilated and then trasferred for further management. Known DM,type2 on insulin for 10yrs,hypertensive on med for 5 yrs. On exam BP 140/ 70 mmhg ,on ventilator, pupils 2mm,DTRs hypoactive,medically paralysed.Plantars 0 bilaterally.. During the hospital stay he received antiplatelets,statin ,DVT prophylaxis,continued insulin and antihypertensive,rehabilitation care. Tracheostomy done,well stabilised and transferred back to nearby hospital at his residence as per the request of relatives. What abnormalityin the MRI brain?.



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A massive infarct right frontal and temporal lobe - complete abrupt disruption of blood supply of right anterior cerebral artery with few haemorrhages inside the infarct .Most likely an embolus in the anterior cerebral artery Timely thrombolised followed by timely intubation and mechanical ventilation

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Rt frontoparietal mass affecting midline shift to left extending to rt ventricle & rt thalamus Cerebral oedema Regular mri brain Opinion of neurosurgeon

Right ACA infarct....with midline shift and mass effect. Can take a chance for decompression if GCS is M2

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Film shows large infarct frontal and temporal rt side lobe . Hemorrhagic Infarct N treat accordingly See for 2decho See for blood report Intubate the patient after seeing gcs scale

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Rt. Side Large Infarct with mass effect causes Mid line Shift to left side & put pressure on ventricles

Rt fronto parietal mass.mid line shift and cerebral oedema.Choline peak elevated in MR spectroscopy. High grade Glioma?

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