51 yrs female on US shows 2.5 x2 cm solid and cystic lesion in left lobe of thyroid. Small echogenic and calcified dots seen in inside it. FNAC- comments please



Beautiful images Sir. Cellular smears showing 3D clusters with anatomical bordering, occasional ? Papillae & in sheets along with giant cells, histiocytes & good amount of colloid in the background. In the initial images, there is nuclear overcrowding,fine powdery chromatin, occasional grooves. Impression: Follicular Neoplasm/PTC arising in the background of MNG. Advised Bx & IHC correlation.

Cellular smears from thyroid shows fairly uniform cells arranged in sheet and also in macro as well as microfollicular arrangements with accompanying basement membrane like material. Individual cell is showing mild nuclear pleomorphism and hyperchromasia. There is thin colloid in background. D/D -Follicular neoplasm -Nodular goiter

Follicules Thick Colloid lymphocytes/Bare nuclei. Nuclear features of PTC NOT seen. Benign Follicular Lesion. Follicular Neoplasm Few cells are showing Hurthel cell change D/D Hurthel Cell Lesion

Papillary ca of thyroid

Nuclear features not seen and also the age ?

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nodular goitre

Highly cellular smears with relatively uniform cells arranged in flat monolayered sheets and bunch of grapes like acinopapillary formations. Within the groups cells are arranged in microfollicles. At places there is focal overlapping. Individual cells show oval nucleii with hyperchromatic granular chromatin. Intranuclear inclusions and nuclear grooves are not visible. Cytoplasm is scanty. Few Hurthle cells are present. Pseudogiant cells are seen (? macrofollicles) The background show barenucleii, lymphocytes, colloid and blood. IMPRESSION The lesion could be 1. Multinodular goitre 2.Follicular neoplasm ADVICE : HPE of biopsy of lesion for final diagnosis, clinicopathological radiological correlation, TFT

Looking like Papillary carcinoma only histopathology for confirmation

Follicular Neoplasm./Nodular Goitre but definitely not PCT..

cat-4 follicular neoplasm

Papillary carcinoma thyroid

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