Polyp with Headache

male/23 yr Complaint of nose obstruction from polyp since 3 weeks Obstruction more felt at night Associated with occipital headache better by steam inhalation No other complaint appetite, thirst- normal urine- offensive perspiration- offensive desire- sweets aversion-N.S thermals-chilly Suggest treatment Doctors Is it curable?



Yes it's curable with strong effort Rx Nasarsha taila apply on fore head Tab Kanchanara guggulu DS 1 BD Tab Bhallataka vati 1 BD Syp Lohasav 15ml BD Chitrakaharitaki lehya 5g OD Nasika churna for Pradhanam and Vaporization. Avoid curd and cold things
Nasal polyp, agree with @Dr. Panchajanya Kumar Deevi, yes, it is curable. Homoeopathic constitutional treatment following homoeopathic principles to be given.
Dx-Nasal polyp Rx Conium mac 1m/3dose once in 15 days Thiosinaminum 3x/tds CF6X/tds
Nasal polyp conium can be indicated
ENT Specialists Opinion Needed.
थुजा 200 कैल्केरिया कार्ब 30
Dx Nasal Polyp. Rx Silicea,
Rx 1. Kshar Karma
In Ayurveda its explained as Nasarsha, and its Curable. Advise for Steam Inhalation using salt water Advise for Anu Tailam Pratimarsha Nasya Along with your homeopathic management advise for Balanced Diet, once the patient avoid the reoccurring cold it won't appear again
nasal polyp shring bhasam250mg abrak bhasam 200mg parval piste 200mg sitopladi churan 2gram sanjivani vatti 1 tab kacnar guggal 2 tab two time a day with water after meal for 6 to 8 week shatbindu oil baidanath 2 drop in nasal two time a day
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