A patient with sudden onset dyspnea has this X ray ...comment

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ALI/ARDS is a possibility. ABG will help. Miliary TB, Hypersensitivity pneumonitis, aspiration pneumonia are other D/Ds. Cardiomegaly is also present but heart failure is not considered. Echo will help assess heart failure, if any. An HRCT thorax is highly recommended. May need invasive ventilation.
ARDS/ MILIARY TB. CBC, BS, Sputum for AFB, CB NAAT, Sputum CS, Blood CS, HIV etc
CXR. Bi.la fully lungs field are infiltrated. LVH. Bi.lat seviour pulmonary congestion. PT. Is in seviour type - 2 Respiratory failure This pt. Require urgently ICU BESED Treatment and put this pt on AA ECMO
Many doctors are responding as ards But As only scan is given so in absense of history and working on available document that is scan It can be taken as ild or sarcoidosis with sudden flare up may be due to sec inf
Acute HP, ARDS, Pneumocystic carinii pneumonia if immunocompromised, miliary TB covid19 should be considered.. sputum study, CD4 count HRCT thorax blood cbc ana profile urine re...
Patient was having cardiogenic pulmonary edema and responded to diuretics and conservative management....
B/l interstitial shadows.Pulmonary oedema.
ARDS /miliary tb hiv status?
ARDS. Ruldout malaria.
Military tuberculosis.
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