52 year old female patient complaint of sudden sharp,burning or dull pain in the right or left side of the chest during breathing?? what is diagnosis and the management..


Kindly mention other S/s like breathlessness, cough etc if any.. Patients with such large lung volume and due to excessive breathing effort suffer from chest pain.. My advice will be short course pain killers, hypnotics like alprazolam at night for few days and counselling...

I dont know if the cxr is properly oriented or not.. Otherwise there is increased lung volume suggestive of COPD.. Pain may be musculoskeletal in nature.. Other possibilities are costochondritis and pleuritis

Hyperinflated lung fields, cardiovascular markings prominent on left, Seems Heart towards rt ( Dexocardia) film overexposed

On the film rt side or left side is not mentioned As,such it becomes dextro cardia But if we put the film otherwise Then it will NAD scan So it should be repeated after mentioning the side

Can't say about decyrocardia as no labelling on film Otherwise normal cxr


Dextrocardia with emphysematous changes as aortic knucle and left ventricle is on right side besides hypertranslucency in lung fields

This X -ray film is s/o dextrocardia if it is not snapped from opposite side.

Its Pneumothorax put ICD

Dextrocardia, no pneumothorax

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