52 year old male presented with history of shortness of breath and cough with expectoration, hg fever for 5 days .. p/h of pulmonary koch s 10 years back ...



Hyperinflation both lungs. Trachea shifted to left. Left hilum is elevated. Fibro-cavitating lesions left upper lung. Calcified foci right upper lung. Pulmonary Tuberculosis.

Get sputum Gram Stain, AFB and HRCT chest. Treat as Community Acquired Pneumonia / Acute bronchitis, until the sputum sample result comes, and there after modify treatment based on results.

A case of old tuberculosis with calcified lesions probably healed as ATT was given 10 yrs ago.such cases usually have sequalae of tub like cavity/bronchiectasis.present symptoms may be Bec of sequalae or simple bronchitis

Looks like pulmonary tuberculosis

Old healed fibrocavitory koch's with severe copd with secodary infection . Pls do sputum for afb , hrct to r/0 another pathology.

Cosolidation collapse rt. Upper lobe

Lt upper zone heterogeneous Opacity with shift of trachea indicate s cicatrical collapse due to old treated tuberculosis Shift of lower mediastinum with compensatory hyperinflation of remaining lung Rt side calcified old lesson with hyperinflation Patient is having obstructive airway disease , now presenting with exacerbation could be bacterial infection( as the history is 5 days only) Patient is having obstructive airway disease

Copd.infilteratiom lt upper zone.reactivation of pulm kochs

Fibrosis lf upper lung Present problem probably lrti

Fibrocavitory lesions left upper lobe Trachea shifted towards left Collapse lt upper lobe

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