52 years male, complaints of slightly burning sensation of tongue for last six months. He is nondiabetic, nonhypertensive, no fever and no other comorbidities. Anti HIV 1&2 Ab test - Negative. Dx, Suggested investigations and Rx.



Sir its case of black hairy tounge.... Its cause by poor hygiene, tobbaco chewing, smoking, std,bacterial infection, viral infection and fungal infection.... Tt. Use of Antibiotics and antifungal medicine.

Ddx-CA tongue,oral thrush,oral lichen planus

Dx:oral lichen planus, geographic tongue,burning mouth syndrome Investigations:biopsy only if non responding to the treatment Rx:kenakort and antioxidants..low dose antianxiety drug(alprazolam) if history of stress or sleeplessness..recall after 10-14 days

In case of leison on lateral border of tongue common cause is sharp tooth irritating the lateral border of tongue.. lf so do ..coronoplasty..Also take the history of any traumatic extraction.. Xerostomia.Put the pt on Antioxidantsl gabapentin

Carcinoma of lateral border of tongue, advised biopsy.

Ca tongue

Take an oral swab from tongue and look for candidal infection on dorsum of tongue. White patches on lateral borders appears to be bcoz of frictional keratosis as it is area specific in molar region with lack of straie pattern and tooth occlusal table is appearing to b attrited. Ask for habit history and drug history and ask pt. For proper oral hygiene including tongue

Too early for SCC.... start with local kenocort include antioxidants etc try to educate him, n then if it works it will end good for both of you

OLP Geographic tongue Biopsy Kenakort Antioxidants Antianxiety drugs

Take scrap biopsy of tongue , take history of oral hygiene, bad smell


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