52 yr old diabetic lady come with complain of this lesion. Lesion since 7 days with severe burning and itching lesion is slowly progress in area blood sugar is in control please give your valuable suggestion thank you



this is prameh pitika(sarshapika/ alaji) the treatment should be according to prameh though the sugar is in control, treatment of kled which is accumulated in body of pramehi patient is required can you give more information of systemic symptoms of patient?

Agree with Dr. Gauri Ma'am Its Prameha Pidika! Advice - Shiva Gutika 2tab BD - Prakshalana with Panchavalkala Kashaya and Local Application of Shath Dhowt Ghrita. And have a look of HbA1C

sometimes diabetic pt has transaction of reaction,so according to me can use tab panchtiktak guggalu, haridrakhand, and tricks guggalu, for external use jatyadi oil+ panchgun oil

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It is good the blood sugar level is normal. You can manage the patient with the following treatment : 1) Aarogyavardhini 60tab + Chandraprabha vati 60tab + Triphala guggul 60tab + Gandhaka rasayan 60tab mix all properly and give 500mg BD with warm water. 2) Sariva + Saptparna + Aargvadha + Kutaja twak + Amalaki + Lodhra + Pippali all in equal quantity and make kwath and take twice in a day. 3) Raktamokshana by Jalauka. 4) Mridu Virechana by Gandharava haritaki 1tsp HS with warm water. Strictly do the Pathya according to Prameha. Keep area clean and dry.

Dr vishad...it jus infection like boils... Give Arogyavardhini tab 2 bd Sukshmatrifala vati 2 bd Gandhak rasayan vati 2 bd Maha mangisthadi ghan vati 2bd...15 day with lukewarm water Say plenty of water..Green vegetables


carbuncle on dorsum of hand

it seems to be deficiency of vitamin A. plz prescribe Vit A

Yes I agree with Dr dhulappa

ras manikya2 gm..moti pisti2 gm.. godanti bhasm 5gm.. kamdugdha ras10 gm.. praval pisti5gm..make 20 doses give bd... kaishore gugglu 2bd aarogyvardhini vati 2bd jatyadi tail for local application

it seems to be deficiency of vitamin A. plz prescribe Vit A

1. aragwadha mahatiktaka kashaya 3tsf tid 2. sarivadi vati 2 tid 3. triphala churna 1tsf hs 4. reduce amla lavana rasa n oil fried items

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