52 yrs old male pt with c/o itching all over body with recurrent eruption with watery discharge . ..since 5 mnths... no h/o diabetes. .. treated with tab flucanzole(150).tab atrax 10mg .cream betnovate-n..tab.amoxclav... investigation- IgE negative.... plz diagnose nd guide



Dr Mahesh The hyperkeratosis of lesions with excoriation at the summit is suggestive of Chronic eczema, Prurigo nodularis, May be hypertrophic LP can also be kept as DD. It's not Tinea owing to the presentation of thickened skin, no central clearing with activity at the borders. A simple KOH mount will exclude Tinea. Treatment Moisturising cream Cotaryl or moisturex cream in morning Fucibet cream in wounded areas Clobetasol with salicylic acid ointment Apply within the thickened lesion in Night. Antihistamines of your choice. Moisturising soap Casil or aquasoft soap.

thanks sir

no steroid oint long course of fluconazole 1ce wk cetriz r/o dm mycoderm dusting powder zole-f oint deworming as no scabies,but may b latent infection

case of resistant Taenia corporis rx local application of antifungal cream and systemic antifungal like Terbenafine 250 mg OD 21 days

thank u sir

Tinea corporis

Tinea cruris treat fluconazole weekly anti allergic orally and anti fungal cream

tenia corporis cap itraconazole 100 mg od 4-6 wk tab avil 25 mg hs clotrimazole oint+powder alocal cream ketaconazole soap.

Multiple healed boils, rule out diabetes.

Tinea corporis

Eczematous Dermatitis

chr eczema of legs.prurigo simplex

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