53 yr female with complain of uterine fibroid without any physical

53 yr Female with complain of uterine fibroid without any physical complaints. is it necessary to operate her?



No need unless & until changes like red degeneration. She is in menopausal age so estrogen is far less So fibroid also shrink s . It becomes asymptotic.

Fibroid s r very common in reproductive age group as they r oestrogen dependent.

Dr Bhavesh Gurjar.. Uterine fibroids are curable by Ayurveda or Homoeopathic treatment... So according to my experience in homoeopathic I suggest Calc flour 12x Conium Medorrhinum Lapis Alba Phytolaca... These drugs can be taken under consideration in treatment.

Thank you Dr.

sir repeat scan from Radiologist, such size fibroid need to be operated, as her age to be considered she require hysterectomy.

It might be cured by Homeopathy. Full case taking is must she needs constitutional. ..

Calc Iod 3x three grain thrice a day, Fraxinus Americana mother 10 drops thrice a day.

It is not necessary to operate her. Weither menopause has started or menses is normal. You may give her Aurum Mur Nat 3 x , Lapis 30 , calc. Fluor 3 x , & fraximus Americana Q 10 drops with water t d s each for about a year

shila sindoor 2gm pravalpishti 10gm giloysat 10 gm moti pishti 2gm kaharwa pishti 5gm punarvadi mandoor 20 gm mixall and make 60 pouches 1bd twice a day empty stomach with honey kanchnaar guggul arogyawardhani vati and vridhivadhika vati 1 bd after meal


No need to operate at this point of time when there are no complaints. Keep surgery as the last option. Fibroids can be cured by Homeopathy.... there are several medicines. Select on the basis of Individualisation of the case.

Do a CT scan.confirm the diagnosis.it is more than 5cm do hysterectomy

Pls. Restudy the case and select the medicine with patient general complaints and main complains and individualization of patient.

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