53 yr female with complain of uterine fibroid without any physical

53 yr Female with complain of uterine fibroid without any physical complaints. is it necessary to operate her?



no need to operate

if the pain is unbearable or if there is severe bleeding or any other complications then it is necessary to operate

not necessarily but depends on size ,position , vascularity

this might later cause pressure effect and menstrual disturbances

sir repeat scan from Radiologist, such size fibroid need to be operated, as her age to be considered she require hysterectomy.

Nirgoondi kwath three months empty stomach anupan gomootra20ml

Depands up on size of fibrod small size can be curable with medicine

No need unless & until changes like red degeneration. She is in menopausal age so estrogen is far less So fibroid also shrink s . It becomes asymptotic.

Fibroid s r very common in reproductive age group as they r oestrogen dependent.

It might be cured by Homeopathy. Full case taking is must she needs constitutional. ..

if she has menorrhagia or other complain then it is advisable for surgery

plz write size of fibroid

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