53 yr old male Known case of DCLD / portal HTN / Psoriasis Vulgaris / LRTI . Known alcoholic 30 yrs - TLC - 7300 Came for further management !!




Elephantiasis... rx symptomaticaly... Is pitting oedema is there.. start loop diuretic.. Leg elevation.. vascular investigation to R/O.

HIV status??? Can be Steven Johnson syndrome.. Need to be ruled out

With tlc 7300 can it be SJS dr?

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Symptomatic treatment and leave him !


Elephantitis n all the examinations for sick liver n hiv .....

Elephantiasis both legs ;treat sympomatically.

Along with patient is having remote complications of Filariasis - Elephantiasis both lower extrimities.

This is a clear cut case of elephantiasis There is no permanent treatment, he can be helped symptomatically 1. Local hygiene 2. Limb elevation 3. Compression bandaging 4. Treat infection if present 5. Some surgical procedures can be done to reduce the lymph stasis but I don't know anyone who dose such kind of surgeries and if someone is doing such kind of procedure it is going to cost money and usually patients with elephantiasis are from low socio economic background

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