pt age 31 year, male married in 2011 no child inguinal hernia operate in 2004 in age of 16 years dx azoospermia plz suggest rx see this semenograph report @Dr. S.k. Mudgal @Dr. Sanghpriya Beghed



AGNUS CASTUS SABAL SERR Selenium Nuphar Lutea Muira Puama Tribulus Terrestris
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Inquinal hernia repair with mesh has limited effect on spermcont ,it can be temporarily for only lasting for 24 hour , so you have to go for biopsy report of testicular biopsy cell ,Lh ,FSH harmone, we also look wether it's pre testicular , testicular faliure ,or post testicular obstruction
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weight kitna hai , HIV TEST KIYA KYA . pts ka lakshana kya hai
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Agnus Castus 1m Onosmodium 1m Sabal serr 200
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Scital USG should advised for exact cause
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Sperm count is nil so you should try with some शुक्रजनन , शुक्रशोधन drugs शिवलिंगी बिदारीकंद विधारा बीजबंद शतावर मुसली अश्वगंधा गोखरू चोपचीनी केंवाच जायफल जाबित्री सोंठ कालीमिर्च इन सभी का समभाग चूर्ण के बराबर मिस्री मिलाकर एक एक चम्मच सुबह शाम दूध से एक माह प्रयोग करवायें लाभ होगा।
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3 line of treatment... First use shukra shodhan mahakashaay that will cure the vitiated dosha associated with the shukra Then use shukra janan mahakashaay which will enhance the quality and quantity of sperm. Then use vajikaran,rasayan aushadh....along with them.... Jai ayurveda
should be do the panchkarm and try vajikaran dravy and virya pan for nakraretas (crocodile semen) and if not sucsess for better do the pranayan (anulom vilom) , padangusthasan ,padpaschitomasan , mayurasan . suryopasana karne ko bolo
ohk ty so much sir....
? Obstructive Azoospermia due to hernia operation. ? Genetic / Beeja dusti. Rule out the right cause.
palash gondh at night 1 -2gm soaked in water and early morning take with buffalo milk
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