CTEV IN New born

name deformity of right leg newborn 2 days/ male what is management Thank u for answer in advance.


Thanks again dear Arshwi for a good post. This is called Club foot or CTEV. Congenital Talipes EquinoVarus. Treatment. 1) Gentle Massage therapy 2) Serial Casting 3) Tenotomy 4) Boots and Bars. These are medical managements called PONSETI Method. In case no relief surgical methods, consult Orthopedic Surgeon.
Dr Jasoliya There are some interesting findings in your picture. The right looks like CTEV however the left looks like a calcaneovalgus deformity. From the looks of it I think the feet are supple. The proper management is to wait for at least 10 days because the child needs to be exposed to sun or in this case phototherapy for neonatal jaundice. During this time the mother may be taught to manipulate the feet during each breast feed. After 10 days it's wise to start serial plaster casting. A well done plaster technique will almost ensure the child will never need surgery in he future. Even if the child presents late but less than 1year if age , plaster casting serially is still the treatment if choice . The techniques for the feet are different. Right requires Ponseti's technique while the left requires the opposite. This child needs to be kept in regular follow up till at least 4years if age i.e till the first growth spurt is over.
yes sir baby was in nicu for 2 days once bilirubin levels comes down then shifted to ward

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Congenital talipes equino varus (CTEV). Also known as club feet. Mother can do simple massaging while breast feeding till 3 months.if no response den orthopedic opinion.
Clubfoot of rightleg with talipes equinovarus deformity Ponseti method of medical management gives good results surgery is last option when this fails
arthrogrypposis to be ruled out rt side ctev lft side calcanues foot
CTEV Treatment Regular manual manipulation by mother put cast
ctev early plaster surgical procedures after 3y
CTEV or club foot
Thank you sir
U R most welcome dear
Club foot
Thanks@Arshwi A Jasoliya

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