History of urolithiasis

A 34-year-old male with a history of urolithiasis presented with right sided renal angle tenderness, trace of blood in urine, normal renal functions. What do these images show? Is there a classification system to describe the pathology here?

First two images shows stones. This can be classified as a kidney stone or ureteric stone ( pelvi-ureteric junction, upper ureter or lower ureter/ uretero-vesicular junction stone) Last 2 images shows hydronephrosi, that can be staged a/c to edema like mild , moderate & severe , but this is subjective one.
These images are showing multiple renal calculi of various sizes largest one is marked
Thanx dr Vipin Bihari Jain
Sonography is showing mild hydronephrosis Because of probably ureteric calculus Renal angle tenderness may indicate infection, pyelonephritis Adv It is necessary to drain the obstructed urinary system - by any modality such as Double J stenting Ureterorenoscopy Percutaneous nephrostomy etc Appropriate Antibiotic need to be given Urologists advise would be necessary
Multiple renal stone of variable size are there, should be removed by lithotripsy or surgery
Multiple renal and ureteric calculi....do CT for further management.
So many stones