Anomaly Of Umbilical Cord

Swelling over umbilical cord noticed in newborn. What is your diagnosis?

Wharton jelly cyst . Umbilical cord pseudocyst . Wharton jelly is a gelatinous substance mainly mucopolysaccharides made up of hyaluronic acid n chondroitin sulfate.
Thank you doctor

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Wharton's jelly Physiological condition More often seen in premature babies Not associated with any adverse effect on baby during pre or post natal period
Substantia gelatinia funiculi umbilicalis ( Wharton's jelly) is a gelatinous substance that provides insulation and protection within the umbilical cord.
Wharton jelly blister,
It's Wharton jelly
Wharton's jelly
It can be a false knot of umbelical cord, because of abnormal collection of Wharton's jelly. No ill effect on the fetus.
Sir,please tell me the right answer of this picture and differentiate with giant umblical cord
Wharton's jelly & more so in premature.
Pseudocyst umblical cord.

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