55/F nodular 1*2cm growth in cervix..cervical biopsy for interpretation



Differentials 1. squamotransitional cell carcinoma - More likely 2. Transitional cell carcinoma cervix less probable IHC is required for definitive diagnosis Uroplakin positive in Transitional cell carcinoma

Section taken from cervical nodule shows cells arranged in pseudostratifed pattern with fibrous core . Cells shows nuclear pleomorphism, vesicular chromatin , nucleoli and eosinophilic glassy cytoplasm . Atypical mitosis seen. Foci of fibrosis seen. O/f/s/o- squamous cell carcinoma of cervix- transitional variant.

adenosquamous type

Malignant lesion of cervix.*Squamotransitional Cell Carcinoma of Cervix.

there are nests of tumour cells having hyperchromatic nuclei, abundant eosinophilic cytoplasm and increased mitotic figures. they are infiltrating into deeper tissue. the cells also show pleomorphism. imp : squamous cell carcinoma -biopsy cervix

papillary squamous cell carcinoma

scc in cervix

Squamous cell carcinoma with papillary pattern, nonkerstinizing type.

verrucous carcinoma

Well differentiated squamotransitional carcinoma of cervix

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