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55 nonsmoker male presented with dry cough dyspnea since a year.not associated with fever anorexia etc. farmer by occupation. no clear past h O, PTB BP130/80 SPO2 86%,HR120. on formeterol budesonide combination. left supraclvicular breath sounds reduced. plz discuss and guide.


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COPD emphysema. bronchoscopic lavage turned out AFB positive, CBNATT Rifampicin sensitive.possibly relapse of PTB.

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Trachea and mediastinum shifted to left. Right hilum elevated. Right CP angle is obliterated Hyperinflation of both lungs. Fibrocavitary lesions left upper lung Cardiac shadow is tubular. PTB sequele COPD.

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Agree with Dr Dinesh Gupta.

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Moderate. Pulmonary HYPERTENSION.... RA. and. RV. .... Dilated .....with........ E F ...65.Percent .... Left. Lung. .... upper lobe. .. . Collapse .... Trachea. pulled. to. left.... Fibrotic. Changes. in. Rt. Hilar region... ADVISABLE.... 1. Symptomatic. TREATMENT.. 2. A F B. ....... staining..with Montaux. Test.. 3. C O P D..

Montaux test not necessary

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Lt upper lobe collapse Shift of trachea towards lt Old PTB

Left lung volume loss Left upper zn fi rosed Trachea pulled to left Scan wise Old healed ptb Reactivity may be juged if pt is symptomatic

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Lt upper lobe collapse,Old PTB case, emphysema lungs, fibrotic changes in Rt hilar region. Broad spectrum antibiotics like pipzo, bronchodilaters, LABA LAMA, O2, Check for active PTB

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What is the CT scan report..x ray shows consolidation of left upper lobe...

syp.chericuf 2tsf tds..tb hs

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