55 y male Weight -140 kg Brought to ER with breathing difficulty since one hour All labs like CBC LFT RFT are normal . DD / advice further line of management !!

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Resp acidosis Cxr- B/L haziness/patch s/o pneumonitis /consolidation/pulmonary odema/ards If pt is tachypneic/dyspneic dn put him on BiPAP If sputum s der dn sputum fr AFB gramstain and culture and fungus Send fr Throat swab fr H1N1 Antibiotics Bronchodialators Nebulisation

Resp acidosis compensated by met alkalosis.. chest x ray i think pneumonic consolidation rt side.. cardiomegaly z also seen.. to rule out pulm edema also.. antibiotics.. lasix can bgiven if bp z gud.. as he z obese better to hav ecg n rule out cardiac etiology..

Respiratory acidosis... X ray shows possibility of pulmonary edema...find out h/ o Nsaids, get detailed history... Also clinically assess for other signs ... get pro BNP done

No history of nsaids

I agree with Dr K Pottapati

Copd exacerbation Obesity hypoventilation synd

Respiratory acidosis pulmonary oedema

Cardiomegaliy.. and copd

Atypical pneumonia ABG shows co2 retention

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