55 year old male patient k/c/o of cad came with right sided chest pain since 2 days and generalized weakness.on examination patient have no of 50/30 mmHg pule 30 BPM


This ECG long lead II shows P waves coming at regular intervals at 60 /min However QRS complexes are independent of P wave and are coming at rate of 20 / min This is a case of complete heart block with junctional rhythm with severe bradycardia This patient requires Cardiopulmonary resuscitation and pacemaker insertion

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Complete heart block...?Left Branch Bundle.Block.. Root cause should be revealed...Like S.Electrlyte...S.Pottassium..And bradycardia causing medication if any. Cardiac intervention would require.

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Ecg suggests -Mobitz type II AV block with 3:1 conduction. -LBBB -ACS anteroseptal MI Ad- CAG + PCI F/b PPI

Complete block ....treat all significant cuases like hypoxia ,hypokalemia,hypotension resucitation,acidosis,shock....treat with atropine shots and start inotropes as per ACLS protocol....interventional pacing should be done....need to start cardiopulm resucitation if goes on arrest...poor prognosis

CHB with extreme bradycardia needs urgent pacemaking. Appeared to be associated with 4th p with qrs but it is due to 60 / 20 ratio of p and qrs rates.2nd degree can't have such extreme bradycardia.

Low voltage , sinus bradycardia,2degree type 2 av l block , LBBB,

Mobiz type 2, 2'high grade av block with 3:1av conduction LBBB Excessive discordant St elevation in v2 v3 Anterioseptal mi Cath followed by pacing

complete heart block

Complete heart block Resuscitation and pace maker insertion

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