55 years old lady known case of Diabetes mellitus, Hypertension and Ischemic heart disease presented with Dizzeness. Systemic review unremarkable. Examination BP 166/92mmhg, others normal. What do you think about her ECG?


Low voltage complexes n poor R wave progression wit history of DM n HTN points towards IHD.. Though t waves in precordial leads show slightly of brugada pattern I think it's artifact.. Repeat ecg wit minimizing the background disturbance ll solve the doubt..

Apparently normal ecg . ?T inversion in V5V6 only no abnormalities in other leads. Repeat ecg .

Low voltage in chest leads Otherwise normal

With co morbidity in mind and presentation of pt could B unstable angina better to give loading dose and repeat ECG after 2 hours

T wave inversion v4 to v6... do trop T, 2d echo... give nitrate, aspirin , clopdregel .. repeat ECG after 2 hours

Thank u sir

changes seen in the left precordial leads seems artifacts, possibility of a nonconducting PAC.

Ecg normal. Since pt is a diabetic and hypertensive he may be having unstable angia.so admit for 24 hrs observation

Brugada-syndrome. T waves in precordial traces leading me to this.

due to narrow QRS-complex may be its RBB Right bundle branch block

Low voltage in chest leads Otherwise normal

Normal ECG with this clinical presentation

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