55 yr male pt h/o chest burn nd vomiting frm 7 days

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Changes of COPD emphysema seen. Rt apical fibrobronchiectatic lesions with few calcified opacities seen. Rt apical pleural thickening noted. Possibly Koch's sequelae with COPD emphysema.

Copd Emphysema Right upper lobe an opacity paracostal region Rt hilar lymphadenopathy Right upper lobe pneumonitis R/O PTB Ad CBNAAT Sputum exam

COPD, emphysema Right upper zone infiltrations with cavity. Right hilar afinitis . ?PT Sputum for AFB and CBNATT Symptoms of heart burn and vomiting may be due to GERD

Hyperinflated lungs with mild shifting of trachea to the right cavitatory lesion upper right with mediastinal lymphadenopathy. Copd/ empysema. Ptb should be ruled out

Thank you doctor

Hyperinflatted lungs with emphysema Rt upper zone patchy infiltration Slight rotation Rt parahilar lymphadenopathy COPD with emphysema ? PTB

Thin walled cavitory lesion rt upper zone Rt hilar opacity likely lymphadenopathy Need to r/o pulmonary tuberculosis

COPD. PPI. Sucral O. Amoxyclav. Ondem. Sputum for AFB for 2 days under DOTS ( right apex opacity). Blood for CBC ESR FBG

Both lungs are hyperinflated. There is a patchy infiltration in right upper zone. Changes of COPD EMPHYSEMA seen. Advise sputum CBNAAT exam. Possibly Koch's sequela.

COPD upper lobe cavitory lesion ? Kochs Adv: CBNAAT

Only hazyness rt upper lungs,hilar lymphadenitis adv AFB

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