55 yrs Female Presented in ICU with breathlessness. Splenomegaly No palpable lymph nodes. Cardiac TropT T Positive Creat 3.4 HB 7. 7 TLC 13100 PLT 33000. Normocytic Normochromic RBCS. PBS images for your comments.



Did BM of this patient. It shows 75 %plasma cells. Few plasma lasts. Results of M band awaited. Reported PBS as Plasma cell leukemia. Thank you all for your views.

Acute leukaemia Probably AML EXCESS rouleaux Dd. Plasma cell leukaemia Sug.clinical correlation Immunocytochemistry Spl stains Flow cytometry ..........bone marrow

Multiple myeloma: Plasma cells + rolloux formation and biochemistry findings

This is looking like lymphoblastic cells with prominent nucleoli

Lymphoma/leukaemia ? B cell

Acute leukaemia (AML?)

?Myeloma cells...?AMML

Acute leukaemia

Rouleaux formation with atypical cells on PS morphologically suggestive of 1. Lymphoma spillage 2.Plasma cell dyscrasis. Kindly investigate.

N/N anemia, Thrombocytopenia, Mild Leukocytosis noted. Plasma cells & plasma blasts are noted. P/O Plasma cell leukemia. Advised BMA & IHC.

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