55 yrs old female pt bp spo2 rbs within normal limit no history of DM ht chest pain



ECG Sinus rhythm, tachycardia otherwise normal tracing. For tachycardia to take proper history and further investigation.

ECG shows sinus tachy with ?rate related ST depression. Get a 2D echo to R/o regional ischemia. find out the cause for tachycardia. have him lie down for 15 min, take history for anxiety. Auscultate the chest. see if he has a fever, get a cbc, crp, urine r/m and a chest xray and rule out infectuon get a TSH. got in a step by step manner.

patient is in acute ischemia inferior and lateral wall. do 2d echo beside to see any wall motion abnirmaliry. case is of NSTEMI vs Unstable angina check for cardiac markers.

Sinus tachycardia, nonspecific St changes.Do serial ecg.Tft,sr electrolytes,trop t.

ecg shows: 1. Sinus tachycardia 2. Low voltage complex 3. Non specific ST-T changes of inferior wall. Needs serial ECG and vitals monitoring.

This is a case of ACS. now to decide whether it's UA/NSTEMI. do a TROP I.after 6 hrs.start her on LMWH anyway .ECHO to r/o RWMA.I guess it's INF-POST-LATERAL WALL ISCHEMIA.

Low voltage in chest leads Otherwise normal Do Serial ecg /enzyme

Sinus tachycardia.

Anterior wall ischaemia with tachycardia.

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