55year old lady suffering from swelling, mild pain, itching over left eye *2days small blisters also present over swelled area. no history of HTN DM CAD suggest diagnose and treatment



Periorbital edema,may be due to allergies(due to leakage of subcutaneous capillaries ),hypothyroidism, infection Investigation : Thyroid profile CT axial view CBC,RFT Rx : Cold compression Avoid exposure to allergens Antihistamines(T.Cetrizine 10 mg HS) Topical/oral steroids to reduce inflammation, Antibiotics (inj ceftriaxone) Follow up


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D.d : Allergic lid edema : Insect bite . :. erysipelas .

A swelling over scalp looks interesting but not clear. Periorbital cellulitis may be secondary to conjunctivitis.

Orbital cellulitis Inj ceftriaxone or augmentin tablet 1-1-1 for 5days Steroid to reduce inflammation Cold pack to reduce swelling Tab levosiz-m 0-0-1 for 3days

Dx-Blapheritis,Rx-Amoxiclac625mg BD+combiflame bdx5 days

May be Lt. H.zoster ohthalmicus without ciliary ganglion involvement. May be insect bite.

Looks like allergic lid edema

Since the lesion is unilateral local allergy or insect bite is the most probable cause.

Looks like allergic lid oedema

Eczematous dermatitis

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