55yrs female c/o fissure of lips and swelling,gum hypertrophy with loss of 1 incisor tooth,no any other symptoms...my diagnosis-severe nutritional deficiency with angular stomatitis...wats yours



Angular chelitis

Gingival hyperplasia with angular chelitis.

Periapical you also keep in mind.

Hypertrophic gingivitis with stomatitis angularis

Angular chellitis

This is Gingival fibromatosis. Gingival enlargement is the term used. Angular chilitis is minor part of the major condition of gingival enlargement seen. May be -Drug induced -Idiopathic. -Inflamatory +fibrotic -Systemic conditions -Genetic disorders -Neoplastic enlargement This condition is characterised by accumulation of extracellular matrix in connective tissues. Drug induced cause. -Sodium diphynyl hydantoinate-(Epilepsy) -Cyclosporins-(immunosuppresant) -Calcium channel antagonist (Nifedipine/Amlodipin) -Phenylalkylamin (Diltiazem) Systemic conditions -Hormonal ...pregnancy/puberty -Vit C def -Leukaemia -Granulomatous disease Just brief discussions. Pls elicit detail history. Conditions & drug history. Cause is very essential for treatment prognosis. For treatment pls refer to a Periodontist. The underlying bone conditions/attachment is needed to be evaluated for approach.

Very well described and explained sir

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Other than angular cheilitis........ there is severe gingival hyperplasia or fibrous gingivostomatitis........get an opg done ......

Granulomatous cheilitis

D/d Gingival hyperplasia Hypertrophic gingivitis With angular chelitis Etiology =drug induced(PHENYTOIN) , poor oral hyiegene Treatment - gingivectomy Complete oral prophylaxis After gingivectomy patient should maintain oral hyiegene

Blood dyscrasia/ Vit.def.