55yrs male sudden onset DX Rx No trauma No FB pain itching discharge



Rt eye central corneal ulcer with corneal edema. Rx : *Take corneal scraping for staining & culture & sensitivity testing. * Tobramycin , moxifloxacin chloramphenicol with polymyxin , Natamycin , itraconazole e/drops 1 hrly. Atropine e drops tid Timolol eye drops bid. Tab fluconazole 150mg bid x 5 days

Also add : Cauterization of ulcer. Tab.Nsaids tid x5 days. Dark glasses. Daily f/up & review of Rx. Change antibiotics sos after lab reports r available. Rx will need to be continued for at least 1 month.

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Fungal ulcer of cornea. ..rx local application of cycloplegic eye drop. Antibiotic drop. Artificial tear drop (lubricant ). No pad /bandage, have a seidel'stest done to r/o corneal perforation, follow up.

Corneal ulcer..advice corneal scraping fr diagnosis nd treatment ..then start antibiotics and cycloplegics and plenty of lubricants..dark goggles too..also ac looks shallow. .do a seidel's test to rule out perforation

Acute conjunctivitis. Antibiotic eye drops like ciplox eye drops.


Corneal ulcer .scraping with culture nd sensitivity .start broad spectrum antibiotics with antifungal nd atropine.

Fungal corneal ulcer Gatifloxacin ed ,f tobramycin , voriconazole ed,natamycin ed ,cmc ,homide , cap iopar sr

In corneal ulcer , always prescribe atropine. All other cycloplegics r far less effective than atropine.

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Sub Conjunctival Hemorrhage.

Fungal corneal ulcer. Treat with anti fungal eye drops , homatropine drops

Seems a fungal corneal ulcer with stromal invasion.. start on moxi ed, natamycin ed, atropine ointment, voriconazole ed, oral flucon 150 mg bd, tab vit c. Corneal scraping.

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