55yrs old female noticed a swelling on palate s 1month ago..then she went to a dentist , incision n drainage was done n medications given ...according to d pt d pain subsided after taking medication but swelling is there.pt has habit of brushing tambakhu since 30yrs ,4/5times daily,c takes antithyrox-20mg as hyperthyroidism pt..




Palatal cyst Nasopalatine cyst Globulomaxillary cyst Incisive canal cyst. Opg and occlusal views are required before coming to final diagnosis Advice fnac. Rct has been started with 11 21 i guess. Why had rct been started was there any periapical Pathology or history of trauma plz mention. Also ask the space btw 11 21 was present since long time or it has occured within few days.

Yes doc it might be any of these cyst,the teeth were attrited n were tender on percussion..so i did d access opening...that swelling was soft n on aspiration got pus

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Take a occlusal radiograph to see...most likely naso palatine cyst...get FNAC done under LA ....make sure to use plain LA in all procedures as pt. is hyperthyroid. ..on aspiration translucent fluid will be there...histopathology report will show stratified squamous epithelium,respiratory epithelium which is there in cyst palatine duct cyst...when diagnosis is confirmed perform enucleation of cyst under plain LA...perform pulp vitality tests and endo of necessary teeth..root apices resected and MTA placed as retrograde filling material...after enucleation complete and endo...get a obturator fabricated to facilitate post op healing and preventing haematoma formation....However if occlusal xray or opg shows R/L b/w Li & canine it wud be globulo maxillary cyst...rx of that too is enucleation

Thanks alot doctor...this info is really useful..i wl do d needful to d pt

Kindly - upload radiographic film PA #12,# 11, #21, #22 Dx : - Necrotic pulp with Chronic Apical Abscess Tx: - evaluate restorability of upper anterior tereth If it is restorable make incision and drainage then RCT and crowns If it is not restorable extract them -

First of all Take opg Palpate whether it is a soft or hard swelling Treat all the carious teeth either extraction or Rct.

Yes i have advised opg n its a soft swelling ,on aspiration pus discharge was there...

It's a cystic swelling. Advise to do fnac and take occlusal view radiograph to confirm the diagnosis.

11 21 looks exposed .....most probably a cyst is there ....get opg done ....cyst should be removed....good luck

Chr. Peripaical abscess Palatal cyst Incisve canal cyst Nasopalatine cyst FNAC Opg Occlusal radiography view Root canal treatment quadrant 11,21

It's a palatal abscess. I&d gives instant relief. Apicoectomy is my personal choice otherwise rct also works well. Rest u r better judge of ur case doc. Good luck

D/d Palatal cyst Nasopalatine duct cyst Extract the root stumps Root canal to all the anteriors as canal opening and attrition is clearly seen

D/d- 1)Palatal torus 2)fibroma..if it is a sudden occurring swelling and not increasing its size T/t-complete surgical excision after necessary blood investigations. Advise her to quit habit.

Sir it was soft swelling n on aspiration pus discharge was there ...so i think it might be an cyst ..so advised opg n to quit habit

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