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56/F having this swelling for the last two years .Firm swelling at the back without inflammatory signs.Dicuss the diagnosis and Management?

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Lipoma.Excision done.

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? Lipoma / Lipofibroma ? Dermoid cyst Needs further investigations and evaluation to conclude diagnosis and line of treatment. Surgical intervention like laser therapy cryosurgery or excision.

Thanks Dr kute Ankush

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It's a case of.. Swelling on back.. D/D.. * LIPOMA.. * LIPOSARCOMA.. * FIBROMA.. * CYST.. Better to confirm with.. Biopsy.. FNAC.. USG STUDY.. Experts opinion..

Thank you doctor

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A lipoma,. Get a F.NAC done to confirm the diagnosis and rule out liposarcoma . Surgical excision indicated

Fibroma Dermoid Cyst. Do FNACto confirm then Excision.

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Swelling inrt renal angle movable lipoma transalumination positive cyst usg to r/0 renal tumour psoas abscess sarcoma

I think it is lipoma , exision biopsy advisable.

Thanks Dr Ramesh C Yadav

Looks like lipoma Check for slip sign, consistency , adherent to subcutaneous or not. If still in doubt then do FNAC Excision is the treatment

Lipoma /Lipofibroma


It looks like a case of Lipoma Rx Excision biopsy under local xylocaine / General .

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