56 year old male Diabetic and hypertensive treated for Covid positive in October 2020. Develops this kind of rash all over the body after 2 weeks of treatment for Covid. Scaling and itching rashes all over the body still continues. What is the diagnosis and treatment?



There are more than one issue in this case 1 he is diabetic and hypertensive which in itself induces XERODERMA/senile pruritis as seen in some pictures bcz of hyperglycemia 2 pt has covid infection which requires antiviral Remdesivir diurecs and anticoagulants beside covid in itself induces coagulopathy as seen in pictures PURPURIC lesions as a result of inj LMWH or enoxiparum 3 since pt is diabetic must have recieved INSULIN which do aggravate and induce allergic pruritis and xeroderma 4 pt is obese and must be dislipidimic and may be on antilipidimics likely rosuvastatin which do have antiplatelets action 5 covid induced coagulopathies like raised inflammatory markers Thus many factors are responsible for present PURPURIC XERODERMA Or to someup DIABETIC DERMOPATHY Rx moisturisers frequently Atarax lotion frequently Tab APERLIMAST 1od Sos oral steroids Reduce or stop the antiplatelets for time being Strict control of diabetes with modified insulins like lantus or degludac This may go for a long period Check iGE Adv oiling with coconut oil before bath Use glycerine soaps like pears

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A case of cutaneous manifestations of COVID-19 disease- vasculitis similar to seen in kawasaki disease COVID‐19 presents with many extra‐respiratory manifestations in addition to respiratory symptoms and fever.An increasing number of dermatologic manifestations are being attributed to COVID‐19 as the number of cases are rapidly progressing. COVID‐19 had developed cutaneous manifestations which mostly presented with erythematous rash.as in this case According to the recent literature, the most common form of cutaneous involvement is a generalized macular or maculopapular rash (36.1%) followed by papulovesicular rash (34.7%) and urticaria (9.7%). The majority of lesions appeared on the trunk and extremities. Also, the patient developed lesions located on the lower limbs and trunk .The histopathologic findings suggesting cutaneous leukocytoclastic vasculitis.can be confirmed Leukocytoclastic vasculitis (LCV) is characterized by leukocytoclasis, which refers to vascular damage caused by infiltration of neutrophils.15 It is a rare condition that affects 30 million people each year. The typical clinical presentation of LCV is palpable purpura on the lower extremities that can be associated with pain and pruritus


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Vasculopathy??? Covid complications??? Rx Abhyadi qwath BD galo ghan tab 1bd Panchsakar powder HS for 2 week, after that, Shatavri tab 2bd Amyron tab 2bd Brihad manjishthadi kashay syrup 20ml bd for 2 to 3 week, coconut oil for local application, aloevera gel.

Post COVID complication Vasculopathy Purpura Echymosis

It is vasculopathy as post COVID squely Echymosis also the sign found in post COVID period

Covid19 may have similar rashes and may be thromboemolic phenomena. Must be investigated forCBC ESR, CRP, s. Ferrotin level, dDimer level, Platelet counts etc

Vasculopathy Dermatitis Lichen planus Psoriasis

Adv further investigations Including inflammatory markers Dermatologist reference.

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