56 year old man presented some mass coming out per anus which is more prominent on straining while passing stool . He could push back the mass earlier but now he can't reduce the mass. Differentiating features between prolapsed thrombosed piles and rectal prolapse???



It is a case of 4th degree prolapsed haemorrhoids. It can be differentiated from rectal prolapse by insinuating your fingers between mass and ano rectal wall .It can be insinuated in haemorrhoids but not in rectal prolapse

It's 4th degree prolapse hemorrhoids and also wd ruptured in stage... Ruptured Thrmobesed piles also formed and may be bleeding due to ruptured. Rule out cbc, Dm, htn, esr, urine examination, btct ,hbsag and Idv.... Tt.. It's perfect case for do d KS tt or hemorroidectomy...@Dr. Nyemwang W Konyak sir.

4 th degree prolapsed hemorrhoids. Surgical intervention like laser therapy cryosurgery freezing or surgical excision.

Thanks Dr Chitturi.

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Case of 4th degree throbosed prolapsed. Excision.

Anorectal prolapse 3degree.

Prolapsed inflamed piles At present surgery Will b difficult Bed rest with foot end elevation Laxatives Sitz bath Antibiotics Anti inflammatory Keep pole mass reduced Wait for 4 to 6 weeks and stapler haemorrhoidectomy or open as per the size of external component after conservative treatment

4 th degree prolapsed hemorrhoids. Only surgical excision

Throbosed /4th degree prolapsed haemorrhoids

It is a case of 4 th

Anorectal prolapse

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