56 yrF.Breast FNAC.Firm.irregular mass3/4 cm.since 2-3 months

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Fibroadenoma. Epithelial hyperplasia Fibrocystic change. No atypia. PROLIFERATIVE FIBROCYSTIC CHANGE WITHOUT ATYPIA

D/D 1. Proliferative breast disease without atypia 2.Benign ductal epithelial hyperplasia However, clinical evaluation , imaging, biopsy for needful.

Benign proliferative breast disease... Advise an excision biopsy

Highly cellular smears Staghorn appearance of ductal cells Fibrodenoma Biopsy to rule out malignancy

Benign proliferative breast lesion Adv. biopsy

Prolifertive breast disease without atypia

Fibrocystic disease

Fibroadenoma. Proliferative breast disease without atypia.

proliferative breast disease without atypia.

Proliferative fibrocystic disease without atypia

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