56 yrs Female Presented with gen weakness. Hb 5.6 TLC 4100 PLT 54000 ESR 68 mm. PBS and Bone marrow asp images for your comments.


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Shows plasmacytoid cells with perinuclear hof, but the eccentri nucleus is not showing the typical cart wheel appearance by chromatin content.P/O : Acute Leukemia. Plasma cell Leukemia. Advised BMA, FCM, Urine analysis, Serum Electrophoresis.

It is Myeloma with plasma cell leukemia. M band is Positive. Skeletal scan shows osteoporosis with few destructive bone lesions.

Thanks for the update, sir

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Chronic lymphoid leukemia, probably hairy cell leukemia,IHC is confirmatory

Multiple myeloma

Plasma cell neoplasm


Multiple myeloma


Plasma cell neoplasm.... probably multiple myeloma Adv- Protein electrophoresis

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