45yrs female C/o pain swelling discharge in the right breast for past 1 mth. known DM on irregular medication. stopped antipsychotic medication.no constitutional symptoms .dx and rx.


most likely a case of ca breast with skin involvement with a superimposed infection due to possibly uncontrolled diabetes.needs urgent antibiotic cover with control of diabetes followed by a trucut biopsy of mass for confirmation of hpe and receptor status, a cect chest and abdomen followed byva toilet mastectomy . Further treatment depends upon ct reports . definitely chemotherapy is to b given.
clinically very much likely Ca breast. so first tissue bx, once HPE s/o Ca, USG abdomen, cxr,bone scan for staging of disease. same time ER/PR,HER2NEU FROM TISSUE. Then toilet mastectomy,and advice of medical oncologist and also to consider for radiotherapy. if stage IV,then better to consider palliative treatment only.
Possibilitis are 1.Cellulitis with ulceration and gangrene of skin and deeper tissues.Confirm by USG/MRI. Treatment by control of diabetes by insulin,control of infection by antibiotics( c&s),excise all unhealthy tissue. 2.Carcinoma of brest.USG/MRI.Control of DM and infection as mentioned in (1).Biopsy.MRM.
There are nodules adjacent to primary lesion, so possibility of Ca is high. Do MR I, If suspected, Trucut biopsy.If Ca confirmed, receptor study, and m/s work up, depending on that Chemotherapy and palliative care of the wound. Review after 2-3 cycles for mastectomy.
seems like infection rt breast as seen but due to not clear image uploaded .edges are not seems like ca breast .but final diagnosis only after lymphnode biopsy along with edge and core biopsy and mrm is to be done for any future complication .thank you
broad spectrum antibiotics along with control of DM is to be given.treat symptomatically .
Most likely inflammatory breast CA . Biopsy and Metastatic work up in form of CECT Thorax + Abd + pelvis and bone scan . Further management depends upon stage. Metastatic ( most likely ) - pall chemo , Non metastatic --> NACT .
It looks like Uncontrolled DIABETES with infection & ulceration Rx Control DIABETES ; infection with appropriate antibiotic after culture & sensitivity & dressing Get ultrasound of Breast & proceed by further
?Carcinoma or ?traumatic fat necrosis. Biopsy first than toilet mastectomy and than chemotherapy or first neoadjuvant chemotherapy for better operability and to prevent micro metastasis
chronic mastitis , uncontrolled DM. r/o malignancy ; unlikely Open up let out the pus , remove all unhealthy tissue , control of DM , Bs AB , C&S AND ssg when wound granulating.
Appears to be fungating carcinoma breast. To be confirmed by biopsy first and then palliative surgery with chemo
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