56yrs old male c/o- mild painful swelling in right axilla with mild intermittent low grade fever since last 2 weeks.. recieved antibiotics and analgesics... for 10 days... but it grown in size forming small bulla on center 3 days ago... patient is a teacher by occupation and tobacco chewer.. non alcoholic... no history of any major diseases in past at all... Advised FNAC and diagnosed as COLD ABSCESS.. TUBERCULER ABSCESS... STARTED WITH AKT... LET'S SEE... WHAT DO U SAY FRIENDS....



Signs of inflammation like color,rubor, dolor absent and signs of absess are present. You are on right path

rule out axillary breast infection... hidradenitis suppuritiva...analgesic, antiinflammatory, antibiotics, sos incision and drainage

Tubercular Lymphadenopathy. Continue with ATT.

Tubercular lymphadenopathy continued with anti TB add inj. of streptomycin drainage should be done if abscess is large

network failed. pl add fnac to r / o TB. ...

signs of information rubor. . dolor.calor. tumour. present. The process in right manner,

Cont ATT

Plz check whether improvement or worsening local & generalised symptoms, settling of fever etc though in tubercular pathology it will take more than 10 days for any obvious response. PCR of the fluid could be done for further confirmation of diagnosis.

yes...tuberculous lymphadenitis with suppuration... carry on with AKT

tuberculosis lymphadenitis start ATT

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