57 yr female having backache since 6 month tingling n numbness bilateral leg can't stand or walking for a minutes no H/0 DM pressure 144/90 what may be D/D and their management?



Lumbar canal stenosis most likely with neurogenic claudication. Requires MRI L s spine. Based on MRI u can go ahead with surgery or conservative management

Limited spinal flexion. Pain and paresthesia with a dermatomal distribution. Specific signs depend on nerve root involved: L4: Decreased knee jerk, weakness of anterior tibialis. L5: Weakness of extensor hallucis longus, decreased sensation over lateral aspect of calf and first web space. S1: Decreased ankle jerk, decreased plantar flexion, decreased sensation over lateral aspect of foot. Rx treat accordingly

kindly elaborate on neurological findings. post MRI images


First assess the patient properly, specially posture... Then give dry needling on piriformis, nerve mobilisation, TENS, core exs i.e multifidus activation, upper abs n lowe abs...then after few days do DN with stimulation, n start core exs with theraband...u'll definitely get a result..she must be having spasm on piriformis, hams n gastroc, do dry needling on these muscles...n traction can try if patient is getting good result with that...

Physiotherapy can help in this case, after proper assessment and special tests, With pain relieving modalities and exercises pt will be fine!

It's a spondylotic changes.. Low back pain with radiculopathy First we should give lumbar traction.. Than 7 or 15 days SWD for prevent or reduce inflammation.. Than Tens for reduce tingling and numbness.. After that Physiotherapy back exercises... Long term Physiotherapy necessary... Home care advice should be necessary.....

Need more clinical history. ankle jerks present or not.. if present then go for pain relieving modalities and exercises. If absent then go for mri to r/o compression at L5-s1 . .

reduction of disc space and spondylotic changes can slight compression of nerve root and spasm of back muscles and stiffness of billateral lower limb muscles

Could be having neurogenic claudication with possible lateral canal stenosis. Needs MRI for evaluation

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