G2p1a0 pt reporting for the 1stAnc visit in private. Found to have 20 days difference between BPD and other parameters, no hydrocephalus Seems to have one foetal kidney polycystic Liq adequate, placenta ant & fundal grade 2 First child totally normal,no h/o DM or thyroid or anything in the pt. please opine.


just treat like simple pregnency there is always severe oligo. with polycystic kidney 5 cases i have seen as in your usg liq. is adequate nothing to do mam pregnency is abt.34 wks with normal liq. means there is no or min. risk to baby the h.c. is same as other parameter nothing to worry
mam I think the pregnancy should be continued and monthly scans to check for kidney size and monitoring of other foetal parameters to be done till term...case to be discussed with a paediatric surgeon ahead so that if intervention is needed its availability is assured... I think its a case of congenital polycystic kidneys ...the baby has to be investigated after birth for kidney disorders and other genetic disorders like congenital polycystic kidney disease...
Thank u dr.
G2 P1 /unbooked case . this is her 1st scan. it may be a IUGR baby where brain is spared and your BPD is normal and AC is reduced. continue the pregnancy. deliver at term. do a scan of the baby after delivery. take urologist opinion.
No dear all other parameters r corresponding to her LMP except BPD, might be bigger head,I think the only option left is to reference to the ufologist after delivery. Thank y mam for y'r opinion.
Madam.it may be macrocephaly. with multi dysplastic kidney. macrocephaly not an indication for abortion. But for multi dysplastic kidney u should take an opinion form urologist
also give attention to macrocephaly rule out retinoblastoma or other pathology
Mam I think we can continue the pregnancy keeping a watch on kidney size and then work up postnatally as there are no other congenital malformations.
IUGR should be ruled out -Doppler study can be done. Pregnancy to be continued . Polycystic kidney should be discussed with attendants.
Already discussed & no iugr , thank y for y'r opinion mam.
pregnancy should be continue as normal ANC case AF is nomal which indicates normal fetal kidney function.
liq is adequate so the kineys are functioning adequately. continue as u do in normal pregnancy.
Advised planned LSCS, God is great, an human requires one, God is kind enough, has given two.
true sir
It can be asymmetric IUGR sparing fetal head.
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