Good evening curofy. Identify and describe this condition. Where do we see this condition? Best regards. (Reference : Internet)


Hutchinson teeth are a sign of congenital syphilis. These teeth are widely spaced, smaller and have notches on their biting surfaces. This is due to dental hypoplasia. incisors are called Hutchinson teeth. molars are called mulberry molars.
this is a characterstic feature of congenital is generally accompanied by mulbury molars
Hutchinson teeth congenital Syphilis an STD disease
agree with all. also check for mulberry molars...
congenital syphilis
strange after so many answers I ask for mulberry molars. and all talking abt syphilis why no one mentioning about gummatous lesion on hard palate or any punch out ulcers till now???
why every doctors keep on repeating. just agree to dr Siva first to answer... u can add something extra if any.... otherwise just agree to correct answer
Hutchinson teeth. Congenital teeth. Immediate dx and treatment to avoid progression of disease.
Hutchison's teeth in congenital syphilis or h/o syphilis in family background.
Congenital syphilis mulberry molars Hutchisons teeth
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