58 year old female, persistent swelling since last 2 months, poor oral hygiene and deep periodontal pockets, no history of pain, probable clinical diagnosis?



Firstly take an Iopa of this region so that if bone loss is present then treatment can be directed towards flap surgery along with removal of gingival enlargement. Complete oral prophylaxis should be done prior to any surgery. If bone loss Is absent then simply excision of gingival overgrowth... If bone loss Is present then flap surgery is indicated...but radiograph is needed for coming to final planing ...

Differebtial diagnosis will be on histopathology report 1. Gingival epulis 2. PGCG- peripheral giant cell granuloma (possibility of recurrence)

Surgical removal and removal of chronic irritating factor may be calculus , periodontal pocket r any apical infection . The periodontal infection can be removed by curettage and extra growth of gingival hyperplasia by surgical removal . If is a normal epulis . No biopsy required . No chances of malignancy


Looking like Epulis . It is looking like extragingival growth from the lower left mandibular labial side between 2nd incisor and canine teeth .

Pyogenic granuloma. Excision. Followed by oral prophylaxis and maintenance of Oral hygiene

Epulis or Chronic periodontal or gingival abscess.start with oral hygiene measures with deep currettage.recall after a week and if swelling persists surgical removal to be done.

I think it's a case of epulles. Surgical removal is the best possible treatment. And then scaling is also required for improvement of oral hygiene.

Pyogenic granuloma Surgicap excision

Fibrosed pyogenic granuloma, surgical excision can be done and curretage... Recurrence is rare.. Unless it is completely excised or poor hygiene maintenance

It is gingival epulis Need for surgical removal ... And improve pt oral hygiene...

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