58 years male presented with pancytopenia. Bone marrow aspitation smears.



No platelets seen Lymphoblasts see Neutrophils scattered. Kindly interpret...

Erythoid series: Nuclearcytoolasmic asynchrony, sieve like chromatin, cytoplasmic calculations and nuclear lobulat ion . DD. 1. Megaloblastic anemia with dysplastic changes 2.mds

Dear doctors it is a case of Megaloblastic anemia. thank you all for active participation.

Thanks that you posted the diagnosis! Nice way to end the discussion

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Features in favour of AML

Megaloblastic anaemia

Megaloblastic anemia

Erythroid Hyperplasia with Megaloblastosis.

I go with Dr S.P Umashankar

Megaloblastic anaemia

Picture quality is not good. Feel Blast cells around 20% to rule out Acute leukemia

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