58 years old male normotensive non diabetic with unilateral swelling of left knee since one month. Loss of function, tenderness and warmth of the involved joint. H/o typhoid couple of months back. Please interpret the x ray findings.



certainly OA because decreased synovial space, laterally shifted axis of joint & sevear osteopenia specially at femoral condyles as well as tibiofibular proximity indicate OA. Also pt must have h/o spasmodic trauma to the affected joint. Typhoid just has precipited symptoms due to decrease in mobility

Pyigenic arthritis.

Osteoarthritis medial compartment with osteophytes

definitely oa of knee with ostephyte present space are reduce for conservative treatment physio manage ment medication if pain sever can be use nsaid and use plan diacerin if diabetic pt if non dbtic with glucosmine for 3 years. last but important use hing knee brace with aluminum bar support surely prt feel relief wthn 3 days

Whatever we are seeing in this xray does not explain the rather fast onset and progression of the condition (within a month unilaterally) as u described. So we have to keep an open mind about alternative diagnosis that is not visible in the xray like reactive arthritis, sceptic arthritis, tumour etc. U need to examine the patient thoroughly about the: nature of swelling, the range of motion, etc take more detailed history about constitutional symptoms and trauma. After that blood works to rule out arthritis and infection and an mri may be needed

By seeing XRay of 58 years gentle man of AP and Lat view it seeems to OA of knee joint along with decrease of joint space, with some swelling og knee joint may be due to synovial fluid may be ooze out from joint space, cause swelling of knee joint? ,XRay shows radio lucent due to loss of vit D, loss of

There is lost of contur of both lat condyl of femur so there is possibility of tendon rupture due to if there is use of furoqunolones for typhoid fever

It seem to be case of OA... but do rule out RA... If there is involvement of more joints.

its absolute an early o.a. & the joint shifts laterally,warmth of joints cause of inflamation in synovial sheeth that shows tenderness,swelling and temprature.

gross osteoarthritis pattellofemoral OA with associated with reactive arthritis

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